Training Services

Organikik Training Seervices

Workshop Trainings

Communication Workshop

It is a high level personal development program designed to enable individuals to communicate better with themselves and others so that they can be more successful in their work and personal lives.

Marketing and Brand Workshop

It aims to raise consciousness and awareness about how to open brands that are open to everyone who are planning to create a brand or who are currently brand managers and who want to work in corporate communication and marketing fields and how to manage the brands they professionally represent in the world of communication.

Academy Models

Executive Development Academy

18 specified object lessons constitutes the content of programme which is for improving present skills of executives about managership.

Leadership Academy

It is a 10-day program that enables participants to meet contemporary management techniques, gain participatory strategic thinking skills and enhances their managerial and leadership competencies.

School Programs

School of Bosses

The School of Bosses is an interactive educational program that only the Boss profile can participate in.

Leadership Work School with Activities

Activities Leadership Work School;
  • To provide understanding of 10 modern leadership theme,
  • The ability to provide the basic knowledge and skills required by these tasks,
  • It consists of 11 object lessons that help people to understand what further knowledge and skills are needed while providing the tasks required by modern leadership.