Consultancy Services


Those will live the greatest of difficulties who act with the illusion of that tomorrow will be the same as today.

The main goal of our consulting is ‘creating value’ in institutions.Developing strategy, changing the construction or making a leap in the performance of the foundation by redifining systems create the essence of our counseling work. Managers have great influence in the success of organizations

Organic Consulting and Organic Project Management combines the experience gained in a large number of consulting projects with extensive research to provide a completely different education.

In doing so, it attaches great importance to research with management knowledge, which, together with search conferences and workshops, creates a common mind.In terms of sustainability, the control and audit function is operated effectively.

Consulting Models and Some of Our Systems;

  • Corporate Check up Model
  • Public Transportation Management System
  • Service Quality Management System
  • 3rd Party Control System
  • Future Office Model
  • Norm Staff Module
  • Strategic Planning Model
  • In-house Logistics Planning Model
  • System Development Model
  • Institutionalized Model
  • Company Climate
  • Process management
  • Sales Organization